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School Discipline

Character Formation and Discipline

The school believes in positive discipline and holistic character formation of our pupils. Pupils are to adhere to school rules while they are with they are with the school.

  • The school reserves the right to mete out consequences and enrol the pupils in the necessary restorative programmes where required.
  • To preserve the dignity and self-esteem of every child, the school will observe strict confidentiality on teh different cases brought to the school's attention. As such, information will be made known on a need-to-know basis to the parents or immediate primary care-givers of the alleged offender.
  • We seek the understanding and cooperation of all parents to respect our school's disciplinary processes as we try to inculcate the right and acceptable values on the pupils entrusted to our care.

Parents Referrals

  • Parents are to refer all concerns and feedback with regard to pupils to their Form Teachers or Subject Teachers
  • Parents are not to, in anyway, confront or reprimand other children on their own accord.
  • Parents who wish to meet with school personnel are required to fix an appointment with the respective parties stating the purpose of the meeting.

Prefects and Discipline

  • Prefects are appointed as role models to other pupils.
  • Prefects are also authorised by the School to check on pupils who misbehave or do not observe the rules and regulations.
  • Pupils are expected to obey the prefects

School Discipline



  • Pupils are expected to be punctual for school.
  • Flag-raising begins at 7.30 am and reporting time for all pupils at the school hall is 7.20 am.
  • Pupils who are late for school will be issued a Parent Feedback Form and repeated late-coming will result in pupils being enrolled into the Punctuality Education Programme.

2. General Appearance Face, Hairstyle and Nails

  • Pupils must be clean shaven.
  • Hair must be kept neat and clean.
  • Hair must be kept short. Hair length must not touch the ears and must be above the collar of the school shirt. Fringe, if any, must be above the eyebrows.
  • Pupils are not to sport hairstyles that reflect unacceptable fads.
  • Pupils are not allowed to spray or colour their hair.
  • Finger nails must be neatly clipped and clean.

School Uniform and P.E. Attire

  • Pupils are to wear the prescibed school uniform and modification to the uniform is not allowed.
  • The school uniform consists of a pair of khaki shorts and white shirt, with white socks and shoes. Ankle socks are strictly prohibited.
  • Name tags are to be displayed prominently on the pupils' uniform on the left side above the pocket. Name tags on PE t-shirt are to be displayed above the school crest. 
  • As a mark of respect, pupils are to wear their school ties every morning during morning assembly. They can remove their school ties when morning assembly is over.
  • Pupils are expected to be in their full school uniform except on PE days only. If PE falls on Monday, pupils can be in their PE attire.
  • On CCA days, pupils are still expected to be in their full school uniform unless they have PE on that day. Pupils are to bring their change accordingly.
  • Pupils are also expected to be in their prescribed school shoes and socks on CCA days. CCA attire and footwear are not allowed during curriculum hours. Pupils may keep their CCA attire and footwear in the lockers provided.
  • Pupils attending school holiday lessons are expected to be in full school uniform unless instructed otherwise.
  • The school PE tee-shirt and shorts are meant for PE lessons, games and selected learning journeys as stipulated by the school.
  • The tee-shirt must be tucked in at all times.

Accessories and Jewellery

  • Accessories and jewellery are not to be worn with the school uniform.

3. Possesion of Items in School

Mobile Phones and Electronic Devices

  • Pupils are strongly discouraged from bringing mobile phones to school. Pay phones are available in the school canteen for pupils' use.
  • Mobile phones are for the sole purpose of communiation with parents. They can be used during recess at eh payphone area or at the foyer after dismissal.
  • If mobile phones are brought, they must be switched off during curriculum hours.
  • Pupils caught with mobile phones switched on during curriculum time, playing games or carrying out recording of any kind, without due permission from school, constitute the mususe of mobile phones.

Other Eletronic Devices and Expensive Items

  • Pupils are not allowed to bring expensive items and/or electronic devices to school such as MP3 players, cameras, handheld games, ipads, recording devices, computer games, DVD etc.
  • Pupils caught with these items will face disciplinary consequences as stipulated below.
  • Of any of these items is lost, the school will not be held responsible or accountable in any way. The school reserves the right not to investigate the loss of these items.
  • The possession of these electronic devices and the misuse of the moblie phones will result in them being confiscated.

1st Offence:

The device will be confiscated and returned only after a parent- teacher conference.


2nd Offence:

The device will be confiscated for one month from the date of confiscation. Thereafter, the mobile phone will be returned to the parents of the pupil concerned.


3rd Offence:

Pupils is prohibited from carrying device in school for the rest of the academic year.


Prohibited Items

  • Pupils are not allowed to bring any kind of toys/games to school eg. techdecks, ice-cream sticks, trading cards etc.
  • Possession of these items will result in confiscation and the items will not be returned.

4. Information Communication Technology


Misuse of ICT

  • Pupils must adhere to the terms and conditions of all social media applications/ network. eg pupils below 13 years olds are not allowed to have a facebook account.
  • Violation of the terms and conditons social media  applications/network account constitutes the misuse of ICT and pupils will face disciplinary aciton by the school.
  • Pupils are responsible for their own safety in cyberspace. Pupils who are caught misusing ICT in any form will face disciplinary actions by the school.

5. School Referral System for Discipline Cases

  • For all major and minor disciplinary cases, the school follows the referral system . Details can be found in School Handbook pg 32.