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Earth Week 2018 @ St. Stephen’s School

Plastic is creating a 500-year problem over 18 generations. Plastics are very durable
and they do not biodegrade. All of the plastic that has ever been produced till now
can still be found somewhere on this earth.
In 2011, Singaporeans threw away 3 billion plastic bags after they were used for an
average of 12 minutes. The crude oil and natural gas used to manufacture those
plastic bags amounted to 49 million kilogrammes. That is enough to power a car to
drive around the world 8500 times.
Most of the plastic that we throw away are not recycled. In 2016, only 4% of plastics
were recycled. The rest find their way into our oceans. Marine animals are under
threat. Ultimately this affects us.
We are eating plastic – 25% of fish caught have plastics in their gut.
We are drinking plastic – 83% of tap water samples contain plastic.
We are breathing in plastic – microplastics have contributed to air pollution.
We, at St. Stephen’s School, are going to take small but significant steps to do our
part to reduce the amount of plastic we use and throw away. Our theme for Earth
Week is #UseLessPlastics. All throughout the week, we will have programmes and
activities that will create an awareness of the problems that plastics have created as
well as to help our pupils make the correct choices about plastics. Our canteen
vendors have also been encouraged to come on board by reducing the number of
plastic bags and straws they distribute.
In the weeks to come, we will also be working with Sembwaste to recycle as much
plastic as possible. We also aim to make our school more “plastic-light”. We will keep
you updated via the school website.
We encourage you to not let this message end in school. In order to really make a
difference to our Earth, every little effort counts. We believe that our boys will learn to
make the correct choices if they do it in school and at home.
Let’s do this together!