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Intake 2021 P1 E-Orientation

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Download The P1 E-Orientation Slides & Watch the Video

Dear P1/2021 Parents and Students,

Once again, welcome to the Stephenian family! As you begin to prepare for the beginning of your Stephenian journey with us next year, here are the briefing slides that were shared during our e-Orientation held in November.
P1 E-Orientation Slides by FTs P1 E-Orientation Slides.pdf 
Safety & Security Slides 2021 P1 E-Orientation_Safety and Security.pdf 

Here are additional PDFs:
P1 Orientation Handbook for Parents P1 Orientation Handbook for Parents of Intake 2021.pdf 
FAQs FAQs for Intake 2021 P1 Parents.pdf 

We hope you will find the information useful. You may also wish to find out more about our school history, heritage, motto, values, anthems and so on, so enjoy exploring the various pages here on our school website.

Meanwhile, here's our "My Day in St. Stephen's School" video!

Looking forward to welcoming and seeing our newest youngest Stephenians 2021!
~ From all of us at St. Stephen's