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Eve of Polling Day Dismissal Time, Punctuality & Mid-Term Break Travel Advisory

Eve of Polling Day School Dismissal Time, Punctuality for School & Travel Advisory for Term 3 Mid-Term Break

(This letter has also been sent to all parents via PG Announcement dated 3 July 2020.)

3 July 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,


We would like to further update you on the following items: Eve of Polling Day School Dismissal Time, Punctuality for School, and Travel Advisory for Term 3 Mid-Term Break.

1.       Earlier School Dismissal Time on Eve of Polling Day (9 July 2020, Thursday)

Please be informed that our school will be used as a Polling Centre and Counting Centre for the General Elections. As such, we will end lessons earlier at 12:30 pm on 9 July 2020 (Thursday), the eve of Polling Day. The school will be handed over at 2pm for the General Elections logistics preparation and will be out of bounds to all staff, parents and students.


Please note the modified staggered dismissal timings for 9 July as stated below.

We seek the cooperation of all parents/guardians to fetch your child/ward home on time.


                      ·         Dismissal at Foyer

                          o   Odd Car Registration Number:   12.50 pm to 1.05 pm
            o Even Car Registration Number:  1.05 pm to 1.20 pm

                     ·         Side Gates dismissal routes and timings for the different levels:

Side Gate 1Side Gate 2
P1 - 12.32 pmP4 - 12.35 pm
P3 - 12.40 pmP2 - 12.40 pm
 P5/P6 - 12.45 pm P5/P6 - 12.45 pm

·         Student Care Centre @ St. Stephen’s:

For students attending our school’s Student Care Centre (SCC), please note that:

                           The students will proceed directly to our SCC at school dismissal at 12:30pm.
                           The Interconnecting Gate/Shutter leading to the SCC will be locked by 2pm.
                           Parents/Gardians who are fetching you child/ward, please do so before 5:30 pm, from the Back Gate only                                   (nearest to the Student Care Centre).


2.       Punctuality for School

We are very happy that our students are all back with us this week and they are adapting well to the new norms of school life under the Safe Management Measures and routines.


However, we have noticed some students persistently coming to school late (after 7:30am). We would like to seek all parents’ involvement in emphasizing to your boys the importance of punctuality as a virtue and as a form of respect for others’ time.


Together, we will cultivate the good habits and virtues in all the boys; these habits and virtues will serve the boys well for life.



3.       Travel Advisory for Term 3 Mid-Term Break

       Please be reminded that students should continue to defer all overseas travel, in line with the MOH Travel Advisory issued           on 18 March. All students returning from any exceptional overseas travel will be placed on Stay-Home Notice (SHN).


Please also be reminded that should there be any exceptional travel by students/parents, besides risking being infected overseas and transmitting to others locally, the following would apply:

a.      the requirement to apply for and obtain an entrance permit from MOE/ICA prior to their return to Singapore if 

       they are International Students, non-SC/PR parents;

b.      14-day Stay-Home Notice (SHN) issued upon their return to Singapore, which may be chargeable up to $2,000 if         served at an SHN Dedicated Facility. Please refer to ICA website for updated list of countries where individuals           would have to serve SHN at dedicated facilities.

c.       swab test for COVID-19 at the end of the SHN which may be chargeable up to $200;

d.      14-day LOA for students staying in the same household with someone on SHN; and

e.      unsubsidised healthcare if they come down with COVID-19 upon their return.