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School Safety & Security 

Visitors to the School

  • All visitors/parents/guardians who enter the school compound (for example: for an appointment with school personnel, to speak with teachers briefly before school starts at 7.30am, to fetch a sick child, to collect documents from the General Officem etc.) are required to first report to the security guard before proceeding to the General Office.
  • Visitors/parents/ guardians are not allowed to proceed to any part of the school building without a visitor's pass that is issued by the Security Guard or General Office
  • Except in special cases, visitors/parents/guardians are not allowed to see teachers when they are teaching in class.
  • Any parent or guardian who wishes to meet with any teacher is requested to make prior arrangements to see the teacher during his/her free periods.
  • If parents/guardians wish to communicate with school personnel, they are advised to make prior appointment with the teacher or office staff concerned. On the day of appointment, the same procedure of obtaining a pass  from the security guard before proceeding to the General Office applies.

Entry/Exit points of School 


  • The entry and exit points of the school are the In-Gate, Out-Gate and Side-Gate.
  • For reasons of safety and preparation for school dismissal, except for emergency or medical cases, no visitors are allowed to enter the school premise 15 minutes prior to dismissal time.



Parent Pick-up at dismissal

  • Parents/guardians who drive may enter the school compound during the opening hours of the In-Gate to drop off or pick-up their child/ward. Parents/guardians who do not drive are to drop off or pick up their child/ ward at the side or back Side-Gate.  
  • For parents/guardians who drive, you are advised to inform your child/ward that he should wait at the foyer for you to drive in to pick him up. The In-Gate will be opened after the school buses leave the school compound, that is, at 1.45pm (Mondays to Thursdays) and 12.45pm (Fridays).
  • Parents/guardians who pick their child/ward on foot are advised to inform your child/ward that he should move to the Side-Gate immediately when school is dismissed. 


Out of bound areas in school

  • The eco-garden, playground and parade square are out of bounds except when activities are supervised by teachers. 



School bus safety

  • LTA has implemented the wearing of seat belt with effect from 1st Jan 2012. The rules will ensure that the safety of our school children travelling on small school buses and prevent unnecessary loss of lives through the use of child restraints or seat belts. Hence, all pupils are to adhere to the rules as stated.
  • Pupils are to refer to all concerns and issues to the Bus Attendants for their immediate assistance. 
  • Pupils are to follow all instructions and directions from the Bus Attendants for the safety and well-being of all commuters.
  • Pupils are to live out the school values and behave in a responsible and respectful manner towards each other in the school bus.
  • Pupils are to refrain from eating and drinking in the school bus.
  • Pupils are to observe and obey the Bus Standing Orders.
  • Pupils who persist in their misbehaviour in the school bus will either be subjected to school's disciplinary processes or be barred from using the school transport services.(*Repeat offenders will be referred to the school’s discipline committee.)