To be entrusted with the teaching of the young is a great gift and grace of God." 
-  St. John Baptist de La Salle


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2021 P2 to P6 Students - Welcome Back to School
For Primary 2 to Primary 6 students - School Term 2 starts on Tuesday, 5 January 20201

2021 Primary 1 - Welcome to St Stephen's School
For Primary 1 students -School Term starts on Monday, 4 January 2021

Changes to the PSLE Scoring and Secondary One Posting from...
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SLS School-Based Helpline
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Connect with us at our new official School Facebook Page at

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SSS Calendar 2021 

(Updated for Term 1 ONLY)


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Photo Orders - Annual Prize Giving & Appreciation Day e-Edition 2020

Dear P6 Class of 2020 and  Prize Awardees 

We hope you have good memories of this year's Prize Giving and Appreciation Day, and kudos to all of you! A professional photographer has taken photographs of prize recipients and performers when on stage, and you may purchase these photographs using the link, username and password given below: 

            Username    : ss_pg2020
            Password    :  ss_pg2020 

All photographs will be made available online on their website for viewing and sale from 26 November 2020 to 27 December 2020.

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Our Best Wishes to the P6 Class of 2020

All Da Best Class of 2020.jpg
Dear P6 Class of 2020,

Today you begin the next phase of your education journey at your respective secondary schools. All our very best wishes to each of you, and you are now officially a Stephenian old boy! SSOBA Facebook Page:
As you go forth, remember our Lasallian values of faith, community and service, be always men of integrity and men for others, and let us sing in our hearts one more time the choruses of our School Rally and our Lasallian Song:
From our School Rally:
Forward her children dear,
Ever with hearts sincere,
Render with joy to your mater her due.
All that is vile reject,
Heaver will e'er protect
Sons of Saint Stephen's
Valiant and true.
From We Are Lasallian:
We are one, but we are many,
And from all the lands of earth we come.
We share a dream, and sing with one voice, I am, you are, we are Lasallian!



Encore Watch - Annual Prize Giving & Appreciation Day e-Edition 2020

Dear P6 Class of 2020, Prize Awardees and Fellow Stephenians,

Here is our recording of the Annual Prize Giving and Appreciation Day e-Edition 2020, first zoomed live to the P6 and prize-awardees' parents at home via Webinar! It was a day of recollections, recognition, celebration and saying goodbye, even as we came together, working within COVID-19 SMM, to bade farewell to our P6 Class of 2020, to our Principal Ms Loh, and with each P6 class performing their item, and everyone waving together one last time We Are Lasallian

- This video is in mid-size resolution, to keep the file small for ease of access, best viewed on phone, tablet or laptop. 
- For this event, SMM are adhered to in the social distancing / zoning as well as the hand-sanitising of prize-presenters before each award category and prize-recipients after receiving the award and handshake. 

CLICK THE PICTURE BELOW TO VIEW  THE VIDEO.     Alternatively, go to   Ssspgad2020

2020 PGAD.jpg

This was a day to remember - the SMM of no physical audience (all via Webinar zoom to the P6 and prize awardees' parents at home), hand-sanitizing the prize-presenter before each award category and each prize-recipient after receiving the award and handshake, social distancing arrangements that saw the P6 classes taking turns to come to the Hall, and at the opening and closing the classes were situated far apart from each other in zones, some classes even at the Hall's upper gallery at opposite ends. But the warmth of our Stephenian family carried through, right to the finale, and though distanced we were in physical distance, together we were in heart and spirit. The P6 classes performed and as the classes took turns, the tone was celebratory, spirited, warm and even poignant, as the boys realised that this was the final time they would be in St. Stephen's as one brotherhood, together.

Adieu, our P6 Class of 2020, thank you and kudos to all students, teachers and parents for walking the journey together, and here is to the end of a race well completed - enter to learn and leave to serve, Credere et Servire, Sons of St. Stephen's, We Are Lasallian!

~ From all of us at St. Stephen's

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Welcoming Our Intake 2021 - Our Youngest Stephenians!

Dear P1/2021 Parents and Students,

Once again, welcome to the Stephenian family! As you begin to prepare for the beginning of your Stephenian journey with us next year, here are the briefing slides that were shared during our e-Orientation held in November:
P1 E-Orientation Slides by FTs  P1 E-Orientation Slides.pdf 
Safety & Security Slides  2021 P1 E-Orientation_Safety and Security.pdf 

Here are additional PDFs:
P1 Orientation Handbook for Parents P1 Orientation Handbook for Parents of Intake 2021.pdf 
FAQs FAQs for Intake 2021 P1 Parents.pdf 

We hope you will find the information useful. You may also wish to find out more about our school history, heritage, motto, values, anthems and so on, so enjoy exploring the various pages here on our school website.

Meanwhile, enjoy our "My Day in St. Stephen's School" video above!

Looking forward to welcoming and seeing our newest youngest Stephenians 2021!
~ From all of us at St. Stephen's

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Arrangements for 2020 PSLE Results Release
& Choosing a Secondary School

Dear Parents/Guardians,


1.       MOE and SEAB have recently shared the arrangements for the release of the 2020 PSLE results so that your child will be able to return to school to collect his results safely (link below). The key arrangements are:

(a) Students are expected to comply with Safe Management Measures (SMM) in schools.

(b) Collection of results will be done in smaller groups in classrooms.

(c) Only one parent/guardian will be allowed to accompany their child/ward; they will have to wait at designated common areas in the school and observe the SMM.

2.       If your child is unwell, on Quarantine Order, Stay-Home Notice or Leave of Absence on the results release day, he should not return to school. In this case, you may appoint someone to collect a physical copy of the results and the Secondary 1 Option Form on your child’s behalf within 3 working days (inclusive of the day of results release). If you are unable to do so, you can contact the school for help.

3.       In addition, students will be able to view their PSLE results online via SEAB’s results release system, on the day of the PSLE results release. We will issue your child with a password for the results release system from 12 Nov 2020. More information on accessing the system will be shared soon.

4.       MOE and SEAB will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and provide updates if there are further changes to the arrangements for the release of 2020 PSLE results.



1.       At this juncture, you and your child will also be planning for his next milestone – choosing a Secondary School!

2.       To support you and your child in this journey of choosing a Secondary School, MOE has prepared an article with a step-by-step guide, along with a list of Secondary Schools virtual Open Houses. You can also access SchoolFinder to conveniently explore, filter and shortlist schools. Links are provided below.

·         2020 National Exams Results Release

·         Guide to choosing Secondary schools

·         SchoolFinder

Thank you and stay safe!


Catholic Education Sunday Online Mass (13 September)

For those of us who missed the Mass, here is the full online Mass video. 
There is a docu-video tracing the development of Catholic Education in Singapore in the opening segment, and our Stephenians also joined in the virtual choir.

[Text adapted from Archdiocesan Commission for Catholic Schools Facebook Page - post on Catholic Education Sunday Link ]

We have been celebrating Catholic Education Sunday since 2017. For the past three years, we celebrated with different parishes across Singapore. Staff and students from our schools joined the community at different  churches, serving as lectors, singing in the choirs and assisting in various ways. Parish priests have been very supportive. Increasingly, parishes embrace our Catholic Schools as part of the larger Catholic Community in Singapore.

This year, owing to the Covid-19 safety measures in place, we celebrated Catholic Education Sunday differently.  All Catholic schools in Singapore came together to celebrate Catholic Education Sunday with an online Mass.

Here are the highlights:
• Celebrant – Fr Adrian Danker, SJ and Principal of SJI.
• Mass readings led by students.
• Prayer of the faithful led by parent, teacher and religious representatives.
• Three student virtual choirs – from our pre-schools, primary and secondary schools and Catholic Junior College.
• At the end of the Mass, a Prayer of Blessings crafted by our Archbishop and a virtual choir comprising principals, teachers and our religious community of priests, sisters and brothers.

The Stephenian Factor 2020.png
3 September 2020
Exhibition: Our Pixels, Perfect.
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National Day Celebrations @ SSS
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SSS E-Open House 2020.jpg E-OPEN HOUSE 2020
Our Stephenian Storeys
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70th Anniversary of the declaration of

St. John Baptist de La Salle as  

Patron Saint of Teachers

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We are Stephenians & Lasallians

The  Stephenian  Experience