To be entrusted with the teaching of the young is a great gift and grace of God." 
-  St. John Baptist de La Salle


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Annual Athletic Meet Results 2021
The modified Annual Athletic Meet has been conducted successfully on Thursday, 25th March 2021. We would like to thank the participants for giving their best and congratulate the prize-winners.

2021 P2 to P6 Students - Welcome Back to School
For Primary 2 to Primary 6 students - School Term 2 starts on Tuesday, 5 January 20201

2021 Primary 1 - Welcome to St Stephen's School
For Primary 1 students -School Term starts on Monday, 4 January 2021

Changes to the PSLE Scoring and Secondary One Posting from...
Please click this link for more information.

SLS School-Based Helpline
Please click on the link for SLS School-Based Helpline

Connect with us at our new official School Facebook Page at

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Pupil Calendar 2021

(Updated for Term 1 & Term 2)

To view this Google Calendar in chronological dates sequence, click on the [Agenda] tab.

To print this Calendar, click PupilcalendarSSS to view it in a separate browser window; you could then print it out in Agenda list format too.


1) The Term 1 Pupil Calendar PDF is here: Term 1 Calendar_2021.pdfThe Term 2 Pupil Calendar will move away from a PDF document but be hosted in this Google Calendar; you could sync the relevant items in this Calendar to yours and enjoy the convenience of all your schedule items in one Calendar view.  
During this transition period, you may also find this PDF Google Schedule/Agenda useful in the interim. SSS 2021 Term 2 Pupil Calendar Google Schedule Screenshot.pdf
2) CCA Day(s) - please refer to the respective CCAs' schedule(s) for the specific day(s)/timing(s). 

3) School-Based Assessment in Term 2:
     Please refer to the School-Based Assessment 2021 PG Letter (dated 27 January 2021) for the respective assessment coverage and dates or weeks for Term 2.
     They are also made available at our Assessment page School-Based Assessment at SSS
      - P4 & P6: Semestral Assessment (SA) 30% are half-year summative assessment tests conducted in the style of a mid-year examination.
        The specific dates are reflected in this Google Calendar.
      - P3 & P5: Weighted Assessment (WA) 15% is a low-stake review of learning done during curriculum lessons, towards subject mastery.
        The dates are not specified in this Google Calendar but will follow the different classes' timetable & progress. 
     - P1 & P2: Term Reviews (TR) are non-weighted, with the focus on joy and mastery of learning. 
        A range of varies assessment and feedback tools and assignments, formal (TR) and informal, are incorporated into the lessons.

4) About Google Calendar
Google Calendar and most other Calendars (eg iCal or Outlook Calendar) allow for different view formats (and print functions) – Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Agenda/Schedule (linear chronological order) view:
o You could explore that by clicking the different view tabs. Usually the tab is at the top right or left hand corner of the Calendar.
o The one we placed in the school website starts with the Monthly view, but you could also click the Agenda/Schedule tab to change view format.


The Stephenian Factor 2020.png
3 September 2020
Exhibition: Our Pixels, Perfect.
Exhibition: Our Pixels, Perfect.
Click on the text below to visit our Virtual Exhibition

National Day Celebrations @ SSS
National Day Celebrations @ SSS
Click to visit our National Day Celebrations page for more singalong and dance instructional videos for this National Day!
SSS E-Open House 2020.jpg E-OPEN HOUSE 2020
Our Stephenian Storeys
Our Stephenian Storeys
Click on the link below for our Virtual Campus Tour.

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St John Baptist de La Salle.jpg

70th Anniversary of the declaration of

St. John Baptist de La Salle as  

Patron Saint of Teachers

Community Together 1.jpg

We are Stephenians & Lasallians

The  Stephenian  Experience

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Our Best Wishes to the P6 Class of 2020

All Da Best Class of 2020.jpg
Dear P6 Class of 2020,

Today you begin the next phase of your education journey at your respective secondary schools. All our very best wishes to each of you, and you are now officially a Stephenian old boy! SSOBA Facebook Page:
As you go forth, remember our Lasallian values of faith, community and service, be always men of integrity and men for others, and let us sing in our hearts one more time the choruses of our School Rally and our Lasallian Song:
From our School Rally:
Forward her children dear,
Ever with hearts sincere,
Render with joy to your mater her due.
All that is vile reject,
Heaver will e'er protect
Sons of Saint Stephen's
Valiant and true.
From We Are Lasallian:
We are one, but we are many,
And from all the lands of earth we come.
We share a dream, and sing with one voice, I am, you are, we are Lasallian!