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Subject Philosophy

  • Our students are future ready and responsible digital learners.
  • Provide quality learning in the hands of every learner empowered with technology.


Pervasive ICT School Culture


All Stephenians are current and discerning users of ICT

Subject Approach

All IP subjects have ICT plans for P1 to P6 students that provide opportunities for our students to learn using technology.

Subject Approach

1)    ICT Baseline (Media Literacy Skills)

Level     ICT Baseline Skills / Media Literacy Skills
P1    -    Keyboarding Skills (Touch Type)
P2    -    MSWord
P3    -    MSPowerpoint
P4    -    MSExcel
P5    -    Web 2.0 Skills
P6    -    Web 2.0 Skills

2)    Home Based Learning(HBL) at Student Learning Space (SLS)
School conducts HBL periodically throughout the year.
Subject teachers assign and monitor the online lessons assigned to students at the SLS Portal.

3)    Cyber wellness Programme
A collaboration by ICT, CCE and SM, the school’s Cyber wellness Programme aims at educating the students on MOE Cyber wellness framework.

ICT Baseline (Media Literacy Skills)
Home Based Learning(HBL) at Student Learning Space (SLS)