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Mother Tongue

Subject Philosophy

We believe in holistic education.
We believe that every child wants to and can learn. When we design the curriculum for learners, we focus on their learning needs.

We believe that we can improve our learners’ learning by
  • Creating caring and safe environments for learning,
  • Allowing learners to proactively build their knowledge,
  • Developing thinking skills and dispositions in our learners,
  • Using assessments effectively to provide our learners with feedback to address their learning gaps


Enabling pupils to be effective communicators and inculcating in them the love and confidence in the usage of language.


A community of learners who appreciate Mother Tongue Culture and excel in the use of the language.

Subject Approach

Modular Approach
  • P1 & P2: Bridging, Core and Enrichment
  • P3 &P4: Reinforcement, Core and Enrichment
  • P5 & P6: Foundation, Standard and Higher Mother Tongue

MOE ABLE programme
  • P3 & P4: Mother Tongue Learning Support programme

Key Programmes

Festival Celebrations
  • Chinese New Year celebration
  • Hari Raya celebration
  • Deepavali celebration

Cultural and Language Exposure
  • Mother Tongue Fortnight and Culture Camp
  • Mother Tongue Reading Campaign
  • CBS MT Story Telling Competition
  • P3 Cultural Learning Journey
  • P4 Cultural Performance Exposure Scheme
  • P5 Oversea immersion programme
  • Royal Writer