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Subject Philosophy

  • Learn for Life
  • Grounded in strong Science fundamentals: Scientific Knowledge, Practices and Values


To develop pupils to be inquisitive learners, equipped with knowledge, skill and attitude, to develop the world around them.


Community of confident and independent science learners caring for the environment.

Subject Approach

Authentic Learning/Use of ICT in lessons/Care for Environment
Aligning with Science Curriculum Framework
  • 3 Ins (Inspire. Inquire. Innovate) – way of leading
  • CFD (Conceptual Flow Diagram) – way of understanding
  • 3Cs (Capture, Construct, Consolidate) – way of teaching
  • Process Skills – way of rationalising
  • CER (Claim, Evidence, Reasoning) – way of answering

Key Programmes

P2 Science Day
Earth Week
Recycling Week
P3 and P4 Learning Journey
Science competitions
Robotics Club
Science and Green Club
P6 Enrichment