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The STELLAR Curriculum

STrategies for English Language Learning And Reading (STELLAR) is a nation-wide curriculum for helping Singapore children improve their language and learning through high interest materials and activities. Your child will be taught how to listen to, speak, read and write English through a variety of activities and lessons in a STELLAR classroom

You can help your child’s progress and become involved in his/her learning by following the suggestions provided below.  Many of these suggestions are everyday activities for you or other members of your family to share with your child. You will be amazed at how much your child will progress!


            Talk to your child and really listen to what he/she has to say.

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ü  Make time during the day or evening to listen to your child talk about his/her day. It could be about a book that was read, what happened at school or on the way home.

ü  Ask questions that begin with what, how or why so that your child will be prompted to respond with more than a simple “yes” or “no”. Show that you are interested in the response.

ü  Listen to stories on CDs, watch a television programme and go to story-telling sessions together at the library or community centre.  Talk about what you saw or heard together.  Share the part you liked best and give your reasons. Listen to your child’s choice and encourage him/her to give reasons also.

ü  Show your child pictures from books, magazines and newspapers or point out something that you can both see.  Ask your child to describe what it is and say what he/she thinks about it.


           Read with your child every day.

ü  Let your child see you reading both for pleasure and for information. He/she will want to imitate what you do.

ü  Set aside a quiet place in your home for you and your child to read without distractions.

ü  Stock this place with books, magazines, newspapers, comic strips and other print materials that might interest your child.

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ü  Read aloud your child’s (and your own) favourite stories. Encourage your child to retell familiar stories in his/her own words.

ü  Keep these reading sessions fun and do not “test” your child with too many questions.

ü  Visit the library frequently and help your child to choose new books to read with you at home.

ü  Read aloud new stories and encourage your child to talk about the characters or what they think might happen next.

ü  Before reading a new book, talk about the covers and the title page and ask what it might be about.

ü  When the book becomes familiar, encourage your child to read it aloud to you. 


         Write with your child every day.

ü  Teach your child to write his/her name

ü  Let your child see you writing. He/she will want to imitate what you do.

ü  Provide a variety of writing materials for your child to use such as different kinds of pens, pencils, paper

    and encourage him/her to draw pictures to write about with your help. Remember to read through with 

    your child whatever he/she has written or asked you to write.

ü  Include your child in actual writing tasks: shopping lists, telephone messages, notes to family members, 

    thank-you notes, menus for special days, riddles for example.  

ü  Last but not least, display your child’s drawings and writings in your home and office!