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The Stephenian Readers

May Hols Webpage Quote Image.jpgThe journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step - read.

We are who we read. What we read fires our imagination and dreams for our lives and our world. What we read shapes us into the persons we aspire to be - men of integrity and men for others.

It is never too early to begin a good reading habit, and it is never too late to pick up a brilliant book even if one had not been reading much before. 

The stories we read allow us to imagine ourselves in the shoes of the characters, the protagonists and antagonists, experience their lives and emotions, appreciate their fears and treasure their dreams, and transport us into other worlds and cultures. Along the way, we grow in our understanding of the world and people around us, and we also expand our imagination of what the future could be.

The stories of old told of flight, be it in Western or Asian cultures, and the science-fiction stories of the 19th century imagined a future world of flying machines, time travel, geographical explorations to the centre of the earth, and even a whirlwind travel around the world in 80 days! The storybooks of thrillers and mysteries trigger our minds to follow the clues and narrow down the suspects list, or stimulate our boyish imagination of struggles and battles for good to prevail.

The non-fiction that we read presents the other side of the coin - the realistic and the factual, but with such diversity beyond our own society and country. We learn how things work, read and understand other traditions, cultures and urban development. We trace the development of the railroads, the ship liners, the planes, the rockets, the science of daily electronics and devices. We further our skills in coding, we read about real world leaders and sports heroes we admire, we follow the journeys of people who volunteer and strive to make a better world.

Thus are the wonders of reading, and it begins with the first word of a sentence and the first turn of a page.

Let's begin our journey of discovery!

  • Below are our curated lists comprising teachers' favourite choices and MOE's recommendations, with clickable links provided for online e-book access.
  • If there are titles not available digitally via NLB Overdrive, you may wish to keep in mind these titles till after the Extended Circuit Breaker ends.

  • SSS Recommendations 2020_English Language_Lower Primary (P1-P3).pdf 
    SSS Recommendations 2020_English Language_Upper Primary (P4-P6).pdf 
    SSS Recommendations 2020_Malay Language.pdf 
    SSS Recommendations 2020_Chinese Language.pdf 
    SSS Recommendations 2020_Tamil Language.pdf 

    And, for the world beyond your oyster, explore the great resources at our National Library Board

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