This 55th National Day @ St. Stephen's is marked in a different way from previous years, due to the current COVID situation. But it is in adversity and challenges that we rise as a school and a nation, for we will never give in nor give up, but we inventively and spiritedly came together virtually to have the most moving and meaningful ceremony and celebration!

The Celebration Tribute Video


55th National Day Observance Ceremony

Recollections & Class Reflections

Stephenian Dance

Celebration Video

Finale – National Day Songs 'Shake/Clap-along' 

Virtual Stephenian Wave

The Observance Ceremony - the Entry of the National and School Flags to the Flag-raising, National Pledge, National Day Message and the Prayers, as well as the Recollections were zoomed 'live' from the School Hall to all the classrooms. In the intimacy of each classroom, albeit with social distancing within the classrooms, students were able to have a close-up and communal view of the proceedings as they stood at attention.

The subsequent segments were particularly meaningful as students within their classes shared their reflections and the 'live' roaming TV@SSS team went around the different classes to 'live'-feed various students and classes to the entire school. 

The climax came with the invigorating Stephenian Dance, a moving Celebration Tribute Video and the Finale of National Day Songs Singalong, or rather, Clap/Shake-along with the instruments from the Goodie Bags, and a final SSS Wave around through all the classes.

The day ended with Principal Ms Loh leading the full school in our sincere prayer for our nation and the world.

Happy Birthday Singapore!

The Stephenian Dance Instructional Video

The National Day Songs Instructional and Song Videos