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Prize Giving and Appreciation Day e-Edition 2020

Encore - Annual Prize Giving and Appreciation Day e-Edition 2020

Dear P6 Class of 2020, Prize Awardees and Fellow Stephenians,

Here is our recording of the Annual Prize Giving and Appreciation Day e-Edition 2020, first zoomed live to the P6 and prize-awardees' parents at home via Webinar! It was a day of recollections, recognition, celebration and saying goodbye, even as we came together, working within COVID-19 SMM, to bade farewell to our P6 Class of 2020, to our Principal Ms Loh, and with each P6 class performing their item, and everyone waving together one last time We Are Lasallian!  

- This video is in mid-size resolution, to keep the file small for ease of access, best viewed on phone, tablet or laptop. 
- For this event, SMM are adhered to in the social distancing / zoning as well as the hand-sanitising of prize-presenters before each award category and prize-recipients after receiving the award and handshake. 

CLICK THE PICTURE BELOW TO VIEW  THE VIDEO.     Alternatively, go to   Ssspgad2020

2020 PGAD.jpg

This was a day to remember - the SMM of no physical audience (all via Webinar zoom to the P6 and prize awardees' parents at home), hand-sanitizing the prize-presenter before each award category and each prize-recipient after receiving the award and handshake, social distancing arrangements that saw the P6 classes taking turns to come to the Hall, and at the opening and closing the classes were situated far apart from each other in zones, some classes even at the Hall's upper gallery at opposite ends. But the warmth of our Stephenian family carried through, right to the finale, and though distanced we were in physical distance, together we were in heart and spirit. The P6 classes performed and as the classes took turns, the tone was celebratory, spirited, warm and even poignant, as the boys realised that this was the final time they would be in St. Stephen's as one brotherhood, together.

Adieu, our P6 Class of 2020, thank you and kudos to all students, teachers and parents for walking the journey together, and here is to the end of a race well completed - enter to learn and leave to serve, Credere et Servire, Sons of St. Stephen's, We Are Lasallian!

~ From all of us at St. Stephen's

Photo Orders

We hope you have good memories of this year's Prize Giving and Appreciation Day, and kudos to all of you! A professional photographer has taken photographs of prize recipients and performers when on stage, and you may purchase these photographs using the link, username and password given below: 

Link: www.widevision.com.sg/user-login/
            Username    : ss_pg2020
            Password    :  ss_pg2020 

All photographs will be made available online on their website for viewing and sale from 26 November 2020 to 27 December 2020.