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SPECIAL EVENT NOW: Catholic Education Sunday 2020

For those of us who missed the Mass, here is the full online Mass video. 
There is a docu-video tracing the development of Catholic Education in Singapore in the opening segment, and our Stephenians also joined in the virtual choir.

Catholic Education Sunday 2020 Mass

[Text adapted from Archdiocesan Commission for Catholic Schools Facebook Page - post on Catholic Education Sunday Link ]

We have been celebrating Catholic Education Sunday since 2017. For the past three years, we celebrated with different parishes across Singapore. Staff and students from our schools joined the community at different  churches, serving as lectors, singing in the choirs and assisting in various ways. Parish priests have been very supportive. Increasingly, parishes embrace our Catholic Schools as part of the larger Catholic Community in Singapore.

This year, owing to the Covid-19 safety measures in place, we celebrated Catholic Education Sunday differently.  All Catholic schools in Singapore came together to celebrate Catholic Education Sunday with an online Mass.

Here are the highlights:
• Celebrant – Fr Adrian Danker, SJ and Principal of SJI.
• Mass readings led by students.
• Prayer of the faithful led by parent, teacher and religious representatives.
• Three student virtual choirs – from our pre-schools, primary and secondary schools and Catholic Junior College.
• At the end of the Mass, a Prayer of Blessings crafted by our Archbishop and a virtual choir comprising principals, teachers and our religious community of priests, sisters and brothers.