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SPECIAL EVENT NOW: Teachers' Day Wishes 2020

To All Stephenians

Dear Old Boys:  This year, due to COVID safe management measures, schools are unable to have former students come back to visit on Teachers' Day. The next best thing is, just 'pen' down your appreciation notes at https://go.gov.sg/sssteachersday and we will then pass the notes to them.  We miss you all and look forward to seeing you again when COVID is all over. In the meantime, stay safe, do well, and be good men for others!

Dear Current Students: In your Stephenian journey, there are teachers and non-teaching staff of our school who have touched your lives. Leave your notes of appreciation to them here on this very special day too, and we will pass the notes to them!

From all of us here at St. Stephen's School
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"To be entrusted with the teaching of the young is a great gift and grace of God."

- St. John Baptist de La Salle

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