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Our Founder

Our Founder, Saint John Baptist De La Salle
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DE LA SALLE was born in France on 30th April, 1651, the eldest son of a magistrate of Rhelms. Rich, talented and influential, he had a splendid career before him, but at an early age of eleven, made up his mind to become a priest. After taking his Master of Arts degree, he entered the Seminary and was ordained as a priest at the age of 27.

For some time he was attached to the Cathedral of Rhelms. Then one day, there came a man who changed the course of his life. His name was Adrian Nyel. He had been sent by a lady of Rouen to establish a free school for poor boys in Rhelms. He was to consult De La Salle. From the beginning, De La Salle took a keen interest in the new venture. He began by inviting Nyel's teachers to have their meals with him, taught them how to teach, visited them in their classes, and ended by lodging them in his house. During a nationwide famine, he sold his estates and distributed his fortune among the poor. Now he was as poor as his teachers. From then on, they looked on him as their father and founder.

In 1950, Pope Pius XII proclaimed him Patron of Teachers, a fitting tribute to this Father of Modern Pedagogy and Founder of Popular Education.

Bro Jeffrey Chan, on behalf of the La Salle Brothers, presented a relic of St John Baptist de La Salle to the School on 12th April 2004. This precious gift of our school's Founder is now placed in the Pastoral Care cum Prayer Room for veneration.