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Our Mission, Vision & Values

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Enabling all Stephenians to learn how to learn and to learn how to live; empowering them to become men of integrity and men for others.

School Vision
A Community of Caring, Confident and independent Learners Serving and Excelling for the Glory of God.


 Value Statement of Belief  Pupil's Attitude
 Joy We are special and unique gifts of God and should celebrate the  
 gift of life and live joyfully.

  Be a joy for others.

  Be grateful and happy for big and     small things.

  Take joy in hard work.

 Kindness We are inspired by the love and compassion shown by Christ and  
 should always treat others with gentle and generous hearts.

  Be kind in thought, word and              deed.

  Extend friendship to all.

  Extend a helping hand to those in    need.

 Honesty We believe in being men of integrity and to have the courage to
 be truthful and upright individuals.

  Accept responsibility for your        

  actions and face up to your            


  Always do what is right.

  Always tell the truth.

 Perseverance   We know that hard work and determination will enable us to 
 overcome difficulties and grow to be strong and resilient. 

  Strive to do one's best in all     


  Never give up.

  Think positively.

 Respect We remember the importance of human dignity and for Mother  
 Earth, and believe in the respect for self, others and for the  

  Be polite and thoughtful to all.

  Be environmentally friendly.

  Treat others as you would like to 

  be treated.

 Inquiry We appreciate our talents and giftedness from God and will seek 
 new knowledge and opportunities for learning and developing 

  Find creative solutions to 


  Be creative and analytical  


  Never stop learning.