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Our School Motto

Credere et Servire

Extracted from the Message by former Principal Mr T. O. Aeria in the CBS (Christian Brothers' Schools) Annual '76:

St. Stephen’s School, since its beginning in 1957, has had no School motto. It has been my pleasant task to supply the School with one. With the assistance of Rev. L. Egan, S.J., I have incorporated into the School badge the motto in Latin: "CREDERE ET SERVIRE". Its English translation is simple: "TO BELIEVE AND TO SERVE".

I hope that our pupils, present and future, will strive to believe in their GOD, their country and its destiny, and in themselves – that they can give of their best. If they have faith in God, country and self, they should serve God, their country and their fellow-men to the best of their ability.

T.O. Aeria
CBS Annual '76

The School Motto and What It Means

Motto Belief Statement
To Believe
To believe that God is our Father and we are precious in His sight.

To believe that we have God-given talents and should develop ourselves to the full.
  To believe that we can work together with others for a better world.

To Serve
To give glory to God in all we do.

To play a role at home and in school.  
  To contribute to the community and nation.