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2020 May Holidays Pursuits

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May Holidays Rejuvenation Resources

Going forth into the May Holidays, we hope that everyone will be able to recharge and rejuvenate, as well as spend some good family time together. We also hope that the boys further cultivate a good reading habit to enjoy the written word and also broaden their perspectives.

The following are some holiday resources for your downloading.

1. MOE Holiday Care Pack PDFs (Leisurely pursuits for individual and family)

    These MOE Care Packs are updated versions.


               Holiday Care Pack Pri 1 - 2 Edition(5May).pdf

        Holiday Care Pack Pri 3 - 6 Edition(5May).pdf 

        You could also visit the online websites of our national museums and galleries as well as

        musical and theatrical institutions.

2. St. Stephen’s Recommended Reads PDFs (This is a curated list comprising teachers'      

    favourite choices and MOE's recommendations, with clickable links provided for online 

    e-book access.)

    If there are titles not available digitally via NLB Overdrive, you may wish to keep in mind     

    these titles till after the Extended Circuit Breaker ends.

        SSS Recommendations 2020_Chinese Language.pdf 

        SSS Recommendations 2020_English Language_Upper Primary (P4-P6).pdf 

        SSS Recommendations 2020_English Language_Lower Primary (P1-P3).pdf 

        SSS Recommendations 2020_Malay Language.pdf 

        SSS Recommendations 2020_Tamil Language.pdf 

3. Singapore Youth Festive 2020 – The Online Edition

    The Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) has gone online this year due to the COVID-19 

    situation. This May holidays, your child can participate in various arts activities in the 

    SYFgoesOnline virtual arts festival. The resources available are:

    -   SSS SYFgoesOnline.pdf, curated by our aesthetics teachers.

    - https://www.singaporeyouthfestival.sg/syfgoesonline/about-syfgoesonline

    - In addition, an SLS Art activity has also been shared with your child titled Celebrate the    

      Arts! He can go through the activity and submit his entries for the photo exhibition    

      through the SLS portal as well.

4. MOE Parent Resource Kit– School Holiday Edition PDF

              Parent Resource Kit - School Holiday Edition.pdf