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Arrangements for School Reopening after Circuit Breaker

Dear Parents/Guardians,

With the end of the Circuit Breaker period on 1 June 2020, we will progressively bring students back to school from 2 June 2020, in a careful and safe manner.

From 2 June 2020, our graduating students and students who need additional support will return to school daily. The other levels will rotate weekly between Home-Based Learning (HBL) and returning to school for lessons.

The school will ensure that safe management measures are in place to keep our students safe.

Arrangements for School Reopening after Circuit Breaker

(The following has also been sent out as PG Announcement PPF letter Ref 119/20, dated 29 May 2020)

1.  Returning to School

  • With the end of the Circuit Breaker period on 1 June 2020, we will progressively bring students back to school from 2 June 2020 (Term 3), in a careful and safe manner.
  • For a start, Students from Primary 6 will attend school daily from Mondays to Fridays. Students from Primary 1 to 5 will rotate weekly between Home-Based Learning (HBL) and returning to school for lessons. Please refer to the table below for the weekly rotation schedule.

  • From Term 3 Week 5, we will work towards bringing all students back to school daily, if the situation permits.  MOE will monitor the situation closely and we will inform all parents in due course.

2. Safe Management Measures

We will be having the following safe management measures in place to keep our students safe. We seek your strong support and understanding to exercise personal and societal responsibility and comply with them for the safety of all the students.

  • Students and staff who are unwell, or who have adult household members with flu-like symptoms such as fever and cough or on home quarantine / Stay Home Notice, will be required to stay away from school. Parents / guardians, please adhere strictly to this.
  • Daily temperature-taking with additional visual and question screening will continue to be carried out for all students and staff. Please ensure that your son / ward brings his personal thermometer (in working condition) daily.
  • Schools will clean high-touch surfaces more frequently and disinfect the premises daily.
  • Students and staff are required to wear their masks or face shields at all times. Students should bring a little bag labelled with name and class clearly, to store their masks during PE and Recess. Reusable masks should also be properly labelled with name and class for clear identification to avoid any mix-up with other students’. Students are also advised to bring 1 - 2 additional spare masks.
  • Students will practise frequent hand-washing throughout the school day and practise wipe down of tables and shared equipment after use. All rooms have been equipped with soap and hand-sanitisers.
  • Intermingling across classes and levels will be minimised. There will be fixed exam-style seating in classrooms and spaced seating in canteens or alternative venues.
  • For School Buses:
    • Students will sit according to fixed seating arrangements.
    • Students must wear masks at all times, remain in their seats and refrain from talking.
    • Operators will continue to maintain a high standard of cleanliness of the buses.
    • Operators will check with students if they feel unwell or have flu-like symptoms, or if any of the adults in their household are having such. Parents / guardians, please assist in adhering strictly to this and keep your sons / wards at home if they fall into these categories.
    • For dismissal, students will come down at staggered timings to board the school buses.
  • The General Office will be closed to all visitors (including parents / guardians dropping off or picking up their sons / wards) during School Arrival and Dismissal.
    • Appointments to visit the General Office will be only during 8am - 12:30pm or 3pm - 5pm.
    • Please make an appointment should you need to do so, be it to pick up items, submit forms or early dismissal for outside appointment. Safe Entry and Entry to School Registration will be required at the Guard House beside the Main Gate before visitors proceed into the school. Visitors are to put on face masks at all times and adhere to safe distancing measures.

3. Arrival, Recess and Dismissal Arrangements

As part of safe management measures for COVID-19, we will be having the following arrangements for arrival, recess and dismissal to reduce congestion:

  • Arrival
    • Students will continue to arrive as per the usual timings (school bus, private transport and side-gate pedestrian) but will immediately go to their respective classrooms at arrival.
    • Parents / guardians who are sending their sons / wards via private transport should do an immediate drop off; parents should not exit their cars.
    • Parents / guardians who are sending their sons / wards via the side-gate should not enter the school compound.
  • Recess
    • Recess will remain at the same staggered timings. It will be further regulated for the 2 levels in the same recess timing when all levels are back.
    • In the canteen, there are markers on the floor to each stall for the student to stand in queue.
    • At the designated tables for each class, there will be ‘X’ markers on the benches to inform students that this is a non-sitting position.
    • Students will clean up their own eating table position after eating, with the paper towel and soap solution provided in the canteen, for the next group of pupils using the tables.
    • Snack Break timings remain the same (in-class).
  • Dismissal
    • Students will be dismissed at the staggered timings below:

                *Students taking the school bus will come down at staggered timings to board the school buses.

                *The canteen will be closed during School Dismissal; students should go home immediately.

  • Specific Requirements for Private Car Pick-up (with SSS Car Decal) during Dismissal:
    • As safe management for safe distancing space at the Foyer, our security guard at the Main Gate will allow only the following cars (with SSS Car Decal) to drive in at the respective timings:
      • 1:50 to 2:05pm – Cars with car-plate’s last digit an odd number (1, 3, 5, 7, 9) only.
      • 2:05 to 2:20pm – Cars with car-plate’s last digit an even number (2, 4, 6, 8, 0) only.
      • 2:20 to 2:45pm – Regardless of car-plate’s last digit.
    • Please do tell your son / ward whether your car-plate’s last digit is odd or even. The Form Teacher will also contact you for the information. The teachers will dismiss students from class according to the respective timings.
    • Please come only during the scheduled timing as only cars with the stated last digits will be allowed in for the respective timings.
    • Please do not exit the car when you come to pick your boys. We seek your understanding so we could have proper safe management for the students’ safety.
    • In the spirit of civic-mindedness, please do not park or wait along the road outside the school if you arrive earlier; parents / guardians who arrive earlier than scheduled will have drive off and loop the estate until the right timing for their cars to enter the school.
  • Specific Requirements for Side-Gate Pedestrian Pick-up during Dismissal:
    • As there is limited space inside and around the school, please have only 1 person to pick up the student. Please arrange with your sons / wards beforehand where to meet you outside the school for your easy and efficient pick-up. Please refer to the Side-Gate dismissal timings in the table above and come at the specified time for your son’s level.
    • Should you really need to wait inside the school, please note that we only have safe distancing space for a maximum of 20 persons to wait inside, with Safe Entry Registration requirement.
    • We thank you in advance for your understanding in exercising personal and societal responsibility and complying with the respective timings and safe management measures for the safety of all our students.

4.  Curriculum and Programmes

  • For students whose level is scheduled for HBL during the week, please follow the following timetable. All HBL lessons are via the SLS platform. All assignments given during the HBL week will be submitted to the subject teachers when the students return to school the following week.


  • Mass assemblies, face-to-face Enrichment and Co-Curricular Activities will remain suspended until further advice.
  • To ensure that our students remain active and keep healthy, we will resume Physical Education (PE) lessons when they return to school, with strict adherence to safe management measures. During PE lessons, students and PE teachers will not be required to wear masks when engaged in strenuous physical activities such as running and workouts. Given that students may not be sufficiently prepared physically, the National Physical Fitness Award (NAPFA) this year will be cancelled.
  • All National School Games competitions for 2020 will be cancelled, as there is insufficient time to complete the season within the school calendar. In addition, students would not be adequately prepared for the competitions due to lack of training.

5. School-based Student Care Centre – YMCA SCC @ St. Stephen’s

  • School-based Student Care Centres (SCC) will resume operations from 2 June 2020 for all levels of students in primary schools, with fixed groupings and required standards of hygiene.
    • School-based SCC students who return to school for lessons in the morning could go to the school-based SCC in the afternoon as per current practice.
    • Students enrolled in school-based SCC but are having HBL for the week could still come to the school-based SCC in the afternoon for student care if they require. These students should report and enter directly at the Back Gate beside the school-based SCC at 1:30pm.
    • Please contact the school-based SCC directly to indicate your son’s attendance in advance, so the school-based SCC could prepare the logistics and lunch.
  • If you are unable to secure alternative care arrangements during HBL days and both parents have to return to work, please contact the school General Office (Mr Tan Yong Seng, Administrative Manager) for assistance.

6. Working Together Ahead

Our teachers will continue to monitor the progress of your child and be in regular contact with you and your child to provide support during this transition. MOE will continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation. We urge you to rely on official sources of information and not to circulate any unconfirmed information. If you have any further queries, please contact the General Office at 62419513

Thank you and keep safe!

Please click here to download the PDF Letter to Parents for the above contents