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iMTL User Guide


A range of support materials is available to assist all users of the iMTL Portal. Please login to the portal to access the following:
  • FAQs
  • Quick Guides
  • Video Tutorials
For technical assistance, please Contact
For new account creation matters, please Contact
For transfer, creation or termination of iMTL account, please approach your school’s iMTL Admin/Coordinator for help to fill up the requested form(s).
 Browser compatibility
  1. The enhanced iMTL Portal can be used in IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and mobile devices (including mobile phone and tablets).
    Supported Browsers:
    • Google Chrome (58 or later)
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and Edge
    • Mozilla Firefox (51 or later)
    • Safari (11 or later)
  2. The table below shows the browser compatibility with iMTL modules.
    Those without a tick is indicated as non-compatible for the feature on the browser.