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Welcome to Learning Online @ SSS!


As Stephenians commence Home-based Learning, here are some practices to continue cultivating good disciplined habits, broader perspectives and strong character values .

Habits, Perspectives & Character
While school and learning now takes place at home, the Stephenian Gentleman should continue to

1.       Follow a proper timetable of learning, such as the suggested HBL                        schedules.

2.       Begin the day’s learning on time – develop the good habit of punctuality              and self-discipline

3.       Be in neat proper attire / school attire (not pajamas) during home-based            learning

4.       Observe good cyber-wellness habits. Do not spend more than 4 hours on            the computer.

5.       Watch the news and read widely – newspapers, novels, magazines.

6.       Have good conversation with family members over meals.

7.       Drink lots of water, eat balanced meals with vegetables and fruits, stay              healthy. 

8.       Help with housework to keep the house clean and tidy – their own rooms            and shared places.

9.       Observe good hygiene practices at all times.

10.     Adhere to the precautionary measures – everyone plays a part in 

          keeping Singapore safe, strong and healthy.


HBL on 12 March 2021, Friday

P1 to P6 students are assigned lessons at SLS.

Subjects are as follows:

P1 to P2 : English, Mathematics and Mother Tongue

P3 to P6 : English, Mathematics, Science and Mother Tongue

These are tips on how parents can support their child's HBL

Enjoy Learning Online !

Student Learning Space: 

Click here to go SLS Portal

For help on navigating SLS: 

There is a user guide link at the bottom of the page after you have logged in to SLS

Click on it.

User Guide.PNG

If you need more help, refer to helplines below

School Operating Hours

During school operating hours, students should contact the School-based Helpline for SLS queries including all SLS access matters such as password reset and unlocking of accounts, as well as queries about lesson assignments.

Students can also submit a form for password reset and unlocking of accounts through the link below:

For password reset and unlocking of account. Click here

School-based Helpline: 6241 9513

Mondays - Fridays: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

For other matters, students can email the SLS Helpdesk at helpdesk@sls.ufinity.com. When emailing the SLS Helpdesk, they should include their full name, name of school and form class.

Non-School Operating Hours

Students can only contact the SLS Helpdesk outside the school operating hours.

SLS Helpdesk: 6702 6513

Mondays - Fridays: 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Saturdays: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm

*Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays

Alternatively, students can email the SLS Helpdesk at helpdesk@sls.ufinity.com. When emailing the SLS Helpdesk, they should include their full name, name of school and form class.

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