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Our Stephenian Storeys @ 20 Siglap View


Virtual Campus Tour - 360 & Pictorial @ St. Stephen's

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(I) 360 @ St. Stephen's School  - click on the image below for the Virtual Walk-through

(II) Pictures @ St. Stephen's School  - photos of various key places on campus.

The  vast grounds bordered by La Salle Street and Siglap View, on which are the Main Block, Special Rooms Extension Block, the School Hall, the Indoor Sports Hall and the various sports playing fields and courts.
 P6 Corridor.png
 The P6 Corridor - A meditative morning observing the clouds or a leisurely relaxation break from books & studies.
Across the Siglap estate towards distant downtown Marina Bay.
 Inspiration Loft Pano.png
 The Inspiration Loft at the top-most storey, just under the rectangular double-roof.
Our Stephenian staff painted the murals that flank both sides of the Cross-shaped front, and a replica statue of our Founder St. John Baptist de La Salle is situated there on the exterior.  This is a favourite upper primary spot for discussions & chats.
 Prayer Room 2.JPG
 The Parmenie Room - the heart of our mission school. The painting of our Founder St. John Baptist de la Salle in the foreground - the pose that is reflected in the iconic Statue replica on the school's frontage, and against the wall at the far end is our most recent treasure, another larger painting of him.

Heritage Gallery 1.png
 The Heritage Gallery - A Passage Through Time - was put together by our old-boy teachers and long-serving staff.
From the external facade evoking memories of the old school building with the red brick pillars and circular openings, to the faux ventilation grills at the top of the wall above the windows, to the many prized artefacts in the Gallery itself - the old school bell, the old school flag, the many archival photos, publications & documents, the sturdy wooden teacher's table and the replicas of the grey desks and chairs - it is indeed a walk down memory lane for our alumni and current students.
 Indoor Sports Court.png
 The Indoor Sports Hall Block. Seen here is the sheltered basketball-court.
On the right are additional classrooms plus an indoor sports hall in the upper storeys, and in the exterior on the left is the outdoor track and field, the grounds on which our cricket, soccer and track-and-field team develop our young athletes for the nation.
 Music Room.jpg
 The Music Room where music creation & appreciation happens. Wooden floors amplify the resonance, and various instruments line the walls.
This is where The Stephenian Factor, our signature talent competition begins each year!

Art Room.jpg
 "Every Child is an Artist"- Pablo Picasso; the studio we use to bring out the artist in every child.
At the end of the Art Corridor is a full-height painting of Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night. Catch a glimpse of it in the students video - Voices of our Stephenians!
 Band Room 3.JPG
  The Brass Band is one of the oldest CCAs in St. Stephen's .
Over the years, it has produced many orchestral and band musicians who continue to contribute to Singapore's band and music scene.
Next to it is the Dance Room where our Stephenian Dance CCA practises their repertoire of rhythm and movement.
 Science Lab.jpg
 The Science Lab is the heart of reason and discovery, where apparatus, chemicals and microscopes take pride of place.
iHub Room 3.JPG
 The iHub is a large annex room beside the Canteen where the Prefects loan out games and equipment to their Stephenian brothers for leisure pursuits during Recess.
It is also a free-play area for board-games and other leisurely pursuits.
The Playground, Court, Parade Square and Gardens - in a boys school, the playground and court are always the most popular Recess spots, and with the on-going PE lessons, the scenes and sounds of friendly play and rivalry are a constant presence.
We hope you have enjoyed this virtual campus tour!

"In the light of faith you see things quite differently.”
- St. John Baptist de La Salle

We are one, but we are many
And from all the lands of earth we come
We share a dream, and sing with one voice
I am, you are, we are Lasallian